The Paleo Diet Recipe Book Review

by Admin on March 12, 2012

For many people, the word “diet” has a negative side, as they immediately think about the sacrifices associated to lose weight. Even though the trade is worth making, the fact that you have to pay a price to live a healthy life and to look well, can be pretty intimidated. I don’t blame them really, and I have to confess that I’ve postponed my weight losing goals for way too long, simply because the obstacles had a deterring effect on my resolve.

Stumbling upon The Paleo Recipe Book was one of the best things that happened to me, and I can’t help but share the information with you. The premise is alluring to say the least, because what it suggests is a method of expanding your cooking expertise, with the weigh losing being just a secondary goal. This doesn’t mean that the results are any less effective, but by decreasing the pressure, you can easily achieve your goals. Instead of a rollercoaster that will drain your energy and put your will power to test, you enjoy a smooth ride that is just as pleasant as it is rewarding.

Back to the Roots

The Paleo Recipe Book is a collection of diets that were created by professionals who know how to prepare tasty food that is low on calories. Paleo diet is the abbreviated form of Paleolithic diet, which means that it is inspired by the same meals that our ancestors used to enjoy. The question is why would modern people want to forsake the benefits of civilization and indulge in a diet that seems to be raw and less elaborated than its counterparts.

Those who are seeking an answer for this question, should know that while the early humans didn’t have all this processed food at their disposal, they were by no means less healthy. In fact, they didn’t suffer of hears diseases caused by cholesterol, were not overweight and didn’t have to find a cure for cancer, because they were not affected by it. By living in complete harmony with nature and thriving on the food that human beings were supposed to eat in the first place, they lived a healthy and vibrant life. [click to continue…]

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How the Warp Speed Fat Loss System Works Review

by Admin on February 23, 2012

We all know that when it comes to losing weight, there is no easy way to do it. I am pretty sure that if a pharmaceutical company came out with some type of pill that once swallowed would instantly reduce your weight, it would quickly turn into the best-selling product on the planet and turn its makers into the richest people on earth. However, things aren’t quite like this, and if you want to lose those extra pounds you will have to either break a sweat, follow a diet or even both at the same time.

Warp Speed Fat Loss ReviewIf you choose to follow a diet that involves a longer period of time you might get long lasting results and not be in danger to regain the weight you have just lost. This is the kind of diet that I recommend to anyone out there that has the time necessary for it because your body will slowly adapt to the changes you put it through and won’t try to make up for all the pounds you have lost by slowing down your metabolism in order to gain as much fat as possible when the diet is over.

On the other end of the spectrum, we have what it is called ” weight loss systems ” that are focused on losing as many pounds as possible in the shortest period of time. I can’t say I recommend this type of solution, but I have to admit that I also went through one of these systems myself and was quite pleased with the results. The good thing about this kind of programs is that they usually also involve serious workout sessions that will have you sweating all that excess weight off. However, because of this, I do not recommend such programs to those of you that have never been into a gym before or did any kind of physical training.

Another characteristic of this kind of weight loss solution is the fact that after you successfully go through it, you will be in danger of rapidly gaining back all the pounds you have lost. This is because your body just went through some very hard times and wants to stock up on fat, in case it has to go through the same ordeal again. It is all about surviving, and you can be sure that your body knows how to do it. [click to continue…]

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